Prehistoric Dartmoor Map

Excavated prehistoric round house near Kestor on Dartmoor.

A collaboration between the Stone Rows of Great Britain, Prehistoric Dartmoor WalksPrehistoric Monuments of Dartmoor, and ACE Archaeology has produced a new interactive map of prehistoric sites on Dartmoor. The map base is provided by Google Maps and two different formats should be available. The default is a basic contour map with some shading and the second is a satellite image. The satellite image is best for seeing the local detail, whilst the basic map format is most suitable for an overview.

This map highlights the incredible amount of prehistoric archaeology on Dartmoor and provides a visual context for the numerous stone rows.

The types of site included in this map are:

  • Round houses (hut circles)
  • Cairns
  • Cists
  • Stone Rows
  • Standing Stones (menhirs)
  • Stone circles

The enclosures and field systems are unfortunately not included because of limitations in the mapping base. Many of these features are visible on the satellite base map and many are shown in Jeremy Butler’s Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities (5 vols).

Most individual sites have a link to further information and the map can therefore provide easy access to a wealth of information on the prehistoric archaeology of Dartmoor. A comprehensive range of sources have been used to create this map and the hard work carried out by countless numbers of individuals and organisations is gratefully acknowledged.

As with any resource of this type mistakes will inevitably have crept in. If you spot any please get in touch and we will do our best to rectify the problem. Over time the map will be enhanced so please keep returning to see what improvements have been made. We hope you find this map useful.

To go directly to a full page version of the map please click here Prehistoric Dartmoor Map


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