Monthly Archives: December 2017

Featured Row – High Bride Stones

High Bride Stones on the North Yorkshire Moors seems to include two stone circles and a stone row leading away for 72m. The row is situated next to the long distance footpath known as Coast to Coast.

Featured Row – Glen Sheil on the Isle of Arran

On the Isle of Arran a single row including three large orthostats stands a short distance from Brodick at Glen Sheil. It is likely that the row originally consisted of more stones, but given its position within arable land it is remarkable that the row has survived at all. Click on image to open a […]

Featured Row – North Ings

The North Ings stone row on the North Yorkshire Moors would be at home on Dartmoor. It measures 490.6m long, is sinuous in form and has a sea view reveal at its northern end.