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Bancbryn Excavation – Draft Report

The excavation trenches. View from north east (Scales 1m and 250mm). A draft report on the excavations at the Bancbryn stone row carried out in July 2017 is now available and can be viewed here. The report will eventually form part of an account of the work carried out on the nearby cairns by Dyfed […]

Bancbryn Excavation

From Monday 10th until Thursday 20th July the Bancbryn stone alignment was examined by excavation. Four trenches were cut across the row revealing that the stones are within a thin peaty soil. The excavation confirmed that the area had never been subjected to ploughing and indeed the only evidence of human activity was the stone […]

Bancbryn Excavation

At the start of Day 3. Heavy overnight rain had flooded the excavation trenches. The Bancbryn excavation has so far examined three of the stones in the row. A consistent picture is emerging. All three stones sit within the thin peaty soil on the hillside. It is clear that there are no propping stones and […]

Bancbryn Excavation starts today

An archaeological excavation looking at the Bancbryn stone row starts today. The excavation will examine the stone row and three nearby cairns. The work will last until Friday 21st July and there will be Open Days on the 15th and 16th July.

Featured Row – White Ridge on Dartmoor

Blocking stone at the lower southern end of the White Ridge stone row.  The White Ridge double stone row on Dartmoor includes mainly small stones, although the blocking stone stone stands 0.9m high. A series of landscape reveals are examined in a recently added update.  In common with all long rows this one is not […]