Monthly Archives: March 2017

Looking at: Progress

Stone row at Ballochroy, Argyll. It is about a year since the Stone Rows of Great Britain went live and just over five years since the discovery of the row at Bancbryn that precipitated its creation. The events that followed the discovery of the Bancbryn row highlighted fundamental misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding the form and […]

Featured Row – Cnoc Molach

The stone row at Cnoc Molach in Sutherland is of the typical multiple row variety mainly found in Northern Scotland. It stands in a wonderful location with extensive and impressive mountain and loch views.  

Looking at: Plan Form

A web page looking at the plan form of stone rows is currently under construction. It will take a while to complete, but the first phase looking at stone rows under 10m long is ready. Further fieldwork will be required, but this illustration provides an overview of the plan form of the shortest rows. Simplified […]

Dubious, Uncertain and Unlikely stone rows

Map showing the distribution of dubious, uncertain and unlikely stone rows. Clicking on the map will open an interactive version which provides access to further information on the individual sites.  Not rows (red), Uncertain rows (green) and unlikley rows (blue). For every stone row that has been accepted as plausible, probable or possible there are […]