Central Scotland

The remaining upright at the Balnaguard stone row.

The stone alignments in Central Scotland are all of the single row type and mostly consist of three large stones. Compared with other regions the form and character of the alignments is relatively consistent. This is perhaps surprising given their wide geographical spread and it is notable that none of the rows include any small stones. The alignments do vary considerably in length but most are relatively short.

Map showing the location of Central Scotland


Map showing the distribution of stone rows in Central Scotland. Click on the map to open an interactive version permitting direct access to the individual gazetteer entries. 

Central Scotland stone alignments at a glimpse

No. of alignments 9
Number of single alignments 9
Number of double alignments 0
Number of triple alignments 0
Number of multiple alignments 0
Maximum length 1090m
Minimum length 8m
Average length 162m
Longest alignment Dunruchan
Shortest alignment Gallowhill Wood
Total number of recorded stones 33
Average number of stones in each alignment 3.5
Alignments including small stones 0
Alignments including medium stones 0
Alignments including large stones 9
Average orientation 65°
Average altitude 176m
Highest alignment Sheriff Muir (308m)
Lowest alignment Balnaguard (68m)
Cairn at the top of alignment 1
Cairn at the bottom of alignment 0
Scheduled alignments 8

A summary of information for the individual stone alignments can be viewed by clicking on the site names below. Further information and commentary will be added in the future.  Whilst it is believed that the existing information is accurate, mistakes inevitably occur and should you spot any your help in improving this resource would be much appreciated. Your help will of course be fully acknowledged. Please use the contact button to get in touch.

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