Monthly Archives: September 2018

Featured Row – Cheriton Ridge, Centre on Exmoor

Cheriton Ridge, Centre on Exmoor is a probable single stone row measuring at least 28.2m long, including eight small-sized stones situated on a gentle north west facing slope with a restricted view of the sea and South Wales.  The row is orientated NNE to SSW and there is a cairn and stone rows in the […]

Featured Row – Stannon on Bodmin Moor

The probable stone row at Stannon on Bodmin Moor is a combination single and double stone row measuring at least 144m long, including at least 11 widely spaced small and medium-sized stones situated on a gentle NW facing slope. The row is orientated SSE to NNW and has noteworthy visual links with Brown Will, Rough […]

Fieldwork in 2018

Five Kings in Northumberland Over 80 sites have been visited this year. During the coming months the gazetteer entries for these sites will be updated and hopefully it will also be possible to improve the research pages to reflect the results from this fieldwork.  Amongst the sites looked at are: Auldearn, Benjamy, Brwyno-Canol, Bryntwppa, Bryn-y-Maen, Burford Down, Butterdon E., Cantrell, Capel Rhos, Carreg Llwyd, Carreg […]