Monthly Archives: February 2017

Featured Row – Cosdon

The Cosdon triple row on the eastern slopes of Cosdon Beacon on Dartmoor is well worth visiting. Like most longer rows it is far from straight. This is visually the most impressive of all the triple rows in Great Britain.

A couple of oddities

Stone row at Maen Mawr. In the Brecon Beacons in South Wales are two stone rows which are very similar in character. Both consist of a single row of three stones. This is not unusual in itself as 34% of all single rows have only three stones. What is unusal is that each stone is […]

Bancbryn parallels

The stone row at Bancbryn consists mainly of small stones standing under 0.3m high. An article looking at the distribution of stone rows sharing characteristcs with the Bancbryn stone row has recently been published on this web site and is available here. Research has demonstrated that the Bancbryn row far from being an anomally fits […]

Minilithic Rows

Fernworthy 1 on Dartmoor is an excellent example of a minilithic row. Stone rows composed entirely of small stones are known as minilithic. These rows are far from spectacular but none the less provide a valuable insight into prehistoric ritual. A new article looking at different aspects of the distribution of minithic rows is available […]