Fresh research at Piles Hill stone row on Dartmoor

The western end of the Piles Hill stone row.

A new research article looking at various visual and astronomical links has been added to the website. The article is written by John Aylett who has conducted original work at the Piles Hill stone row on Dartmoor and has discovered a number of significant links between the stone row, nearby Longstone other broadly contemporary sites in the area combined with significant astronomical connections. The results of work are well worth looking at and John would be very grateful for feedback on his observations and ideas.

Please view the article here.


  1. Neil Mortimer · · Reply

    I’ve only just gotten around to reading this, Sandy – thanks for posting, what a fascinating piece of work. I remember years ago being at the Longstone with a pal and him saying something along the lines of there must be some relationship between the row and avenue, but what the heck could it be… It looks like John may have answered that!!


    1. Yes indeed Neil. A really interesting and thought provoking article from John.


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