Monthly Archives: June 2017

Featured Row – Higher White Tor

The Higher White Tor stone row on Dartmoor provides further evidence for precise and definable visual links with the landscape in which it was erected. As you walk along the row various landscape features are revealed. Furthermore, both ends are denoted by special limits of visibility to local tors. As the fieldwork continues it is […]

Looking at: More Plan Forms

The article looking at plan form has been updated with those stone rows measuring greater than 200m long. Two separate drawings have been created. The first includes rows measuring between 100m and 200m long and the second depicts rows measuring more than 200m long. The first drawing is at the same scale as the shorter […]

Bancbryn News

The Bancbryn stone row. From the 10th to the 21st July 2017 the Bancbryn stone alignment is to be partly excavated together with three nearby cairns. It is hoped that this work will considerably enhance our understanding of this important monument. The work is being carried out by Dyfed Archaeological Trust and Dr Sandy Gerrard. […]

Prehistoric Dartmoor Map

Excavated prehistoric round house near Kestor on Dartmoor. A collaboration between the Stone Rows of Great Britain,┬áPrehistoric Dartmoor Walks,┬áPrehistoric Monuments of Dartmoor, and ACE Archaeology has produced a new interactive map of prehistoric sites on Dartmoor. The map base is provided by Google Maps and two different formats should be available. The default is a […]