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Progress Update – August 2016

The West Kennet stone alignment leading towards Avebury henge. So far this year stone rows on Dartmoor, Central Scotland, the Isle of Mull, Wiltshire, Exmoor, Mid Wales and other parts of Wales have been visited as part of the ongoing research. This work has confirmed the abundant presence of tangible and demonstrable visual links between […]

Featured Row – Hurston Ridge on Dartmoor

The double stone row on Hurston Ridge is well worth visiting. It has extensive views over much of North Devon, but no outlook towards the south. The updated Gazetteer entry examines the nature of landmark reveals visible from this row and briefly explores what these might mean. We can be reasonable confident that this row […]

Featured Row – Glengorm on the Isle of Mull

A spectacular row in a breath taking setting with a pair of closed sea triangles clearly visible to the north. The arrangement of stones is the result of historic interference, but excavations have demonstrated that they were originally set up in a line.  The row stands on a flat topped knoll and in common with […]

Featured Row – Lakehead Summit on Dartmoor

The single stone row at Lakehead Summit includes a short sinuous line of relatively small stones.  It is amazing that this fragile site has survived. The Gazetteer entry for this row has recently been updated to include some fresh photographs and observations on its landscape context.  

Featured row – Black Tor (Stanlake)

The stone row at Stanlake near the Burrator Reservoir on Dartmoor is unusual in that it is partly buried beneath a later historic boundary. It is a double row although only one side is currently visible. The clue to its original form is provided by a large blocking stone at the north eastern end. The […]