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Featured Row – Yardworthy

The double stone row at Yardworthy on Dartmoor is certainly not one of the most spectacular in Great Britain. A recent visit revealed a small mound and four edge set stones mostly hidden by a relatively low grass. This row is a timely reminder that some rows are extremely ephemeral in character.  This one probably […]

Megalithic Rows

Ballymeanoch stone row in Argyll and Isles. Megalithic rows are found in most parts of Great Britain although there are none in Northern Scotland (Caithness and Sutherland) and Exmoor. Relatively few are found on Dartmoor where only 3.45% of the rows are megalithic. By contrast in Central Scotland over 91% of the rows are of […]

Finding a row to visit

Distribution of stone rows in Great Britain (click on this map to open). The easiest way to explore the stone rows of Great Britain website is using interactive Goggle mapping. Each row is shown on the zoomable map which can be opened by clicking on the image above. The rows are depicted by a red […]

Featured Sites – the stone rows at Ardnacross

Ardnacross, South in the foreground and the northern row beyond the cairns. View from south (Scale 1m). A pair of rows each consisting of three large orthstats stand on a natural platform on a hillside at Ardnacross on the Isle of Mull. The rows are separated by three cairns. Only one stone in the southern […]

Distribution of Multiple Stone Rows

Hill O’ Many Stanes, Caithness, is the best preserved and most dramatic of the multiple stone rows. Twenty nine multiple rows are currently recorded in Great Britain. They all include at least four lines of stones. Most are “fan-shaped” in form although some consist of parallel rows of stones.  The great majority (22) are in […]