Dubious, Uncertain and Unlikely

Rogues Roost on Dartmoor probably represent a series of historic staddle stones.

Definitive evidence to support a prehistoric interpretation for stone alignments is rare. Nevertheless consensus of a sort is often reached and each new discovery is either accepted, rejected or placed on an uncertain/unlikely pile. Some of those that have been accepted probably were not alignments, some may have been the badly battered vestiges of other types of prehistoric remains or features of a later date and function. On the other hand some of those that have been dismissed may on further examination prove to be genuine. The list of sites that have been rejected for various reasons includes at least 312 monuments and basic details of these sites are presented below. An interactive map showing the distribution of these sites provides an alternative way to view the information available for these monuments. Over time research, fresh evidence and enhanced understanding may contradict the current accepted interpretation and in this event sites may be migrated to the main Gazetteer.

This list includes at least four items of information for each site and some have a short note in italics at the end. The information is separated by a comma. The information provided is Site Name, National Grid Reference (NGR), a one word description of the condition and interpretation. The interpretative summary includes the terms Uncertain, Unlikely and Not. These reflect varying reasons for doubting a prehistoric interpretation. Uncertain indicates that there is not enough evidence to support a prehistoric identification whilst unlikely means that there is no evidence to support a prehistoric date.  Finally those labelled Not are on the basis of current evidence considered not to be prehistoric stone alignments. Any evidence to challenge these interpretations will always be welcome. Please use the contact button.

Map showing the distribution of dubious, uncertain and unlikely stone rows. There are three separate layers . Uncertain rows are shown black, unlikely ones are shown green and those which are currently believed not to be rows are shown red.


Aish Ridge, SX 68134 60973, Not, Survives, An unfinished field boundary dated 1808.

Askham Moor 5, NY 49347 22084, Uncertain. Depicted by Taylor, M.W. in 1886 but not found since.

Assycombe Hill S, SX 6624 8117,  Survives, Uncertain

Avebury Z Feature, SU 10271 69907, Survives, Unlikely. Geophysical survey has indicated that it more likely to represent the remains of a square setting.

Badgworthy Lees, SS 78761 44567, Survives, Not. Stones in an historic field boundary ditch.

Badgworthy Lees, North, SS 78483 44690, Survives, Unlikely. Originally identified as a stone circle , then as possible stone setting but too damaged to establish a reliable interpretation.

Barbrook,  SK 27674 75618, Survives, Not, Stones placed alongside a modern track

Bathampton, ST 771 653, Destroyed, Unlikely

Becky Falls, SX 7597 7986, Not found, Unlikely

Bellever Tor, SX 643 765, Confusion, Unlikely

Benjamy, SS 737 433, Confusion, Not

Black Barrow, SS 8312 4387, Confusion, Not

Black Tor E (Avon), SX 6814 6366, Confusion, Not

Bosley Minn, SJ 940 662, Survives, Unlikely. Five stones surviving as two pairs and a single stone standing on a largely robbed out field boundary. The stone pairs probably represent field gateposts. The relationship with the field boundary means that these stones probably formed part of an historic field wall. Whilst the possibility that at least some of the stones may predate the boundary cannot be entirely discounted without further evidence a prehistoric interpretation is unlikely. 

Bradnor Hill 1. SO27945860, Survives, Unlikely

Brisworthy, SX 5656 6551, Survives, Unlikely

Broad Field, NY 425 445, Destroyed, Unlikely

Brockenburrow Lane S, SS661423, Destroyed, Uncertain

Brown Stones, SD679130, Confusion, Not

Burnt Edge, SD666127, Confusion, Not

Buryas Bridge, SW 4457 2863, Survives (partly), Not. Three stones but ends not intervisible and the upper stone would not have been visible from the other two. Meyn Mamvro, 2017, 93, 7.

Caradon Hill, SX 26836 70135, Survives, Unlikely. Uncertainty concerning location and probably a natural cluster of rocks.

Carlatton, NY534510, N/K, Uncertain

Clannon Ball, stone at, SS 7580 4370, Survives, Not. A single stone. 

Codsend Moor, SS 88183 41215, Survives, Uncertain. The surviving evidence does not support a stone row interpretation.

Collard Tor III, SX 5586 6201, Survives, Uncertain

Corndon Down, SX 6847 7393, Survives, Uncertain

Counting Hill Row, SD672141, Confusion, Not

Cox Tor, SX 5306 7616, Confusion, Not

Creaber, SX 6568 8788, Confusion, Not

Cripdon Down, SX 7340 8070, Confusion, Not

Devil’s Jump Stone, SP 9990 4090, Survives, Uncertain

Dinger Tor C12, SX 58488 87968, Survives, Not. This is a backfilled telephone trench. Information provided by Bill Wilkinson.

Down Tor S., SX 591 693, Confusion, Not

Drizzlecombe Cist, SX 5915 6721, Confusion, Not

Dunnabridge, SX 63 74, Confusion, Not, Burl records as Dunnabridge but gives the NGR SX 6364. No other information available

Durrington Walls, SU 14923 43550, Confusion, Not, Identified by geophysics and dismissed by excavation. 

East Pinford 2SS79874254, Confusion, Not, Part of a field boundary.

East or West Pinford, stones at, SS 7951 4265, Survives, Not. Natural stone outcrop.

Emblance Down, SX 1367 7750, Survives, Uncertain, Probably a natural feature.

Flagstaff Hill,  ST 37852 57630, Survives, Not, This line of stones denotes the lower side of an historic trackway. 

Fur Tor C9, SX 58632 83776, Survives, Uncertain, Information provided by Bill Wilkinson.

Fur Tor C17, SX 58980 83596, Survives, Uncertain,   Information provided by Bill Wilkinson.

Fyfield Down, SU 12907 70780, Survives, Not. A field boundary forming part of a field system.

Grey Yauds, NY 54480 48668, Destroyed, Uncertain, Destroyed avenue.

Grimslake Cist, SX 7040 8115, Survives, Not, Platform extending from a cairn.

Harland Moor, SE 67563 92643, Survives, Uncertain, At least three stones but may be part of a field system.

Hart Heugh, NT 96841 26058, Survives, Not, Part of a prehistoric enclosure wall.

Harrowthorn Plantation, SX 6234 6190, Survives, Not, Modern track kerb.

Hazel Head, SE 80700 99659, Survives, Unlikely.

Hill Green, SU 4528 7626, Destroyed, Unlikely.

Holdstone Down, SS 620 476, Destroyed, Unlikely.

Honeycombe Hill, SS 860 422, Survives, Uncertain.

Hookmoor Cross, SX 6767 5788, Destroyed, Uncertain.

Hoscombe SE, SS 831 438, Survives, Unlikely.

Howe Robin, NY 62 10, Confusion, Not.

Ilam Tops, SK 1358 5277, Confusion, Not.

Lakehead Hill 2, SX 64701 77409, Destroyed, Unlikely, Much more likely to have represented stones exposed in the side of the ditch.

Lakehead Hill 4, SX 6436 7747, Destroyed, Unlikely

Lakehead Hill 5, SX 6434 7750, Survives, Uncertain

Lakehead Hill 6, SX 6427 7728, Destroyed, Uncertain

Lanacombe 5, SS 78019 42605, Survives, Uncertain, Too badly damaged to permit a positive identification.

Langdean, SU 1180 6570, Survives, Unlikely

Langstone Downs, SX253737, Survives, Uncertain

Langstone Moor II, SX 5494 7884, Survives, Unlikely, Said to be a row partly buried beneath a later reave.

Langstone Moor III, SX 5510 7880, Not known, Uncertain, A line of stones noted in 1890’s not seen since.

Lee Moor, South, SX 5840 6360, Survives, Large number of stones cannot be resolved into an alignment.

Legis Lake, SX 5660 6576, N/K, Not

Little Mayne, SY 72217 87115, Destroyed, Unlikely, Described by Gale in 1728

Lordenshaw, NZ 052 991, Survives, Not, The two lines of stones (no trace of the third) are clearly field boundaries.

Low Bridestones (Yorks), NZ 84521 04734, Survives, Uncertain, Could be part of a field system

Low Byrness, NT 7793 0145, Destroyed, Unlikely

Lowther Woodhouse, NY525265, Destroyed, Uncertain

Mably Farm, SW 5865 3341, Confusion, Not, Road side kerb stones

Madgetts Hill, SO 550010, N/K, Uncertain

Metherell, SX 6703 8417, Confusion, Not

Moorlands, SX 6234 7344, Confusion, Not, This is a prehistoric wall forming part of a field system

Murthwaite, SD 711 989, Destroyed, Uncertain

Myrtleberry North Camp, SS 7430 4880, Unlikely, Probably historic boundary stones.

Near Baldhu, SW 77 42, Destroyed, Uncertain

Newbiggin, NY471293, Destroyed, Uncertain

Newton Reigny NY475315, Destroyed, Uncertain

Ogborough, SX 66, Confusion, Not, Only mentioned by Burl. No locational or other information.

Oke Tor, SX605895, Confusion, Not

Penhurrock, NY 62898 10392, Survives, Not, Bedrock outcrop

Penn Beacon 3, SX 5982 6228, Confusion, Not, Cairn is scheduled

Pinford, SS 7957 4250, Confusion, Unlikely, Possible duplication

Polgoda, SX 0432 6207, Destroyed, Uncertain

Polruan, SX 13715 50975, Damaged, Uncertain, a cluster of 10 stones have been interepreted as a possible stone row. Not enough evidence survives to confirm this identification.

Porlock Allotment, NE, SS 8402 4470, Survives, Uncertain, May be a mutilated row but more likely to be a damaged setting.

Portesham Stone Row, SY608871, Survives, Unlikely

Portford Bridge, SS 82783435, N/K, Uncertain

Porth Hellick Down, SV 92828 10759, Survives, Not

Possible Stone Row Cheriton Ridge, SS 7514 4311, Survives, Unlikely

Ramsley, SX651 931, Destroyed, Uncertain, Probably a field boundary

Rempstone stone row, SY 9946 8207, Destroyed, Uncertain

Ricksy Ball, SS 7360 3862, Survives, Unlikely

Riggingdale, NY 4679 1172, Modern, Not, Spurious stone row at entrance to Riggindale. Date/function uncertain

Ringhill, SX 6480 7945, Destroyed, Unlikely, Burl records this row twice

Rogues Roost, SX 6776 7515, Survives, Not, Staddle stones adjacent to historic farmstead

Rough Hill, SU 1368 7297, N/K, Unlikely

Roundhill E, SX 6121 7439, Confusion, Not, Field boundary

Roundhill, SX 6106 7444, Confusion, Not

Salcombe Hill, SY 1424 8840, Destroyed, Unlikely

Saltergate Moor, SE 865 957, Survives, Uncertain

Scorhill, SX 65470 87200, Survives, Uncertain

Sharp Tor, NE, SX 6500 6188, Survives, Uncertain, Rather too sinuous for a short row and vegetation makes postive identification of all the elements difficult.

Sharpitor NE (2), SX 56453 70834,  Confusion, Not, A cluster of small stones protruding through the turf.

Sherberton Common,  SX 69175 73234, Survives, Not, A stone built passageway leading through prehistoric fields to a roundhouse. 

Sherwell, SX 6838 7455, Confusion, Not

Spinster’s Rock, SX 69890 90789, Destroyed, Uncertain

Stannon Newtake, SX 65348 81091, Survives, Not, This line of stones is now known to form part of the White Ridge stone row.

Stone setting East Pinford, SS 798 426, Survives, Unlikely, Probably a field boundary

Studland, SZ 02503 85052, Survives, Uncertain, Probably boundary stones.

The Paddocks, SJ 3810 0107, Survives, Unlikely

Thornworthy, SX 6638 8500, Confusion, Not

Three Barrows NW, SX 6521 6264, No longer visible, Uncertain, Two stones were once visible on the cairn margin. They were probably the remains of a kerb rather than a row.

Thurstones Row, SD681116, Confusion, Not.

Top Tor, SX 735 764, Confusion, Not.

Trehudreth Downs stone setting, SX 12516 72743, Survives, Uncertain.

Trelow Downs, SW 92908 68171, Survives, Unlikely, Probably historic boundary markers.

Treveglos, Zennor, SW 45398 38878, Survives, Not, At least two of the stones are of historic date and one may be a natural boulder.

Trethosa Moor, SW 933 544, Destroyed, Uncertain.

Trout Hill, SS 795 433, Confusion, Not.

Twinhoe, ST 75025946, Survives, Not, Field boundary revetment.

Unconvincing prehistoric stone alignment on The Chains, SS 7277 4304, Survives, Unlikely.

Upper Twinhoe, ST 75 59, Survives, Not.

West Middleton, SS 6487 4589, Survives, Not, Staddle stones in a farm yard.

West Mill Tor, SX 5879 9077, Survives, Not.

Whit Stones, SS 8532 4624, Survives, Uncertain.

Whittenknowles N, SX 5812 6753, Confusion, Not.

Whittondean Farm, NU 0625 0011, Survives, Not, A prehistoric field boundary.

Yar Tor SE, SX 68191 73883, Destroyed, Unlikely.

Yeld Wood, SO26995724, Confusion, Not


Abhainn an Sgiot, NF 79037 11553, Survives, Uncertain

Aird Barvas, NB 35418 53161, Survives, Uncertain

Aird Mhidhinis, Barra, NF 70735 03685, Survives, Unlikely, Possibly a field wall

Aird Skeginess, NB 54658 62723, Survives, Not, Historic

Allt A’ Bhacain, NR 87800 68000, N/K, Not

Bankhead of Clatt, NJ 5290 2700, Destroyed, Uncertain

Barvas, NB 34722 51912, Survives, Uncertain

Barvas, NB 34916 51886, Survives, Uncertain

Barvas, NB 34918 51884, Survives, Uncertain

Barvas, NB 34952 51681, Survives, Uncertain

Borrowston, NB 18861 42432, Survives, Uncertain

Bostadh, NB 13849 40397, Survives, Uncertain

Bostadh, NB 13675 40069, Survives, Unlikely

Bostadh, NB 13700 40039, Survives, Unlikely

Braeside, HY 5610 3775, Destroyed, Unlikely

Breaclete, NB 16952 37086, Survives, Uncertain

Brevig, Isle of Barra, NL 68913 99019, Survives, Pair

Brodgar Farm, Orkney, HY 29634 13317, Survives, Unlikely. Probably represents stone circle outliers and a stone pair.

Bru, NB 33477 50742, Survives, Not, Historic

Butt Of Lewis, NB 52528 66103, Survives, Not, Post medieval

Cairnis, NF 81184 60112, Survives, Uncertain

Calanais, NB 21661 32318, Modern, Not

Calanais, NB 20675 33098, Survives, Uncertain

Calgary, NM38495231, Survives, Unlikely

Camas Na Clibhe, NB 08664 36775, Survives, Not, Post medieval

Camsail Bay, NS 25860 82300, Survives, Uncertain

Carnish, NB 02688 32409, Survives, Not, Modern

Carnish, NB 02764 32414, Survives, Not, Modern

Carnish, NB 03292 32354, Survives, Not, Post medieval

Carnish, NB 03319 32406, Survives, Not, Post medieval

Carnish, NB 03324 32459, Survives, Not, Post medieval

Carnish, Uig, NB 03409 31959, Survives, Not, Post medieval

Carrot,   NS 57100 48770, Survives, Unlikely

Castledykes, NS 93010 44290, Survives, Unlikely

Ceann Nan Clachan, NF 77150 74263, Survives, Not, Wall

Clach Ard, NG 421 491, Confusion, Uncertain, Not mentioned by RCHMS

Clachan A’ Ghille Bhuidhe, NH 42000 52000, Survives, Uncertain

Clachan A’ Luib, NF 80414 64229, Survives, Unlikely, Short arc of stones

Cochno Hill, NS 49675 75265, Survives, Unlikely

Craggish, NN763207, Destroyed, Uncertain

Craigmakerran, NO 14766 32864, Survives, Not, Almost certainly remnants of a stone circle

Crinan Moss, NR 80828 94098, Survives, Uncertain, Most of the site is covered in deep peat making an objective meaningful assessment impossible

Crois Mhic Jamain, NG 345 345, Confusion, Not, NGR from Burl. Not mentioned by Canmore. Probably refers to a pair of stones on North Uist at NF 8939 7820

Crois Mhic Jamain, NF 8939 7820, Survives, Unlikely

Crookmore, NJ 588 184, Destroyed, Uncertain, A road about 12ft broad, of similar flagstones, extended about 500yds to the SE of the circle, apparently intended as an approach through marshy ground

Cross, NB 49503 62885, Survives, Uncertain

Cuff Hill, NS 38477 54867, Survives, Not, Field boundary

Culzean Castle Policies, NS 22257 09539, Survives, Not, Modern

Dalbeg,  NB 22775 45977, Survives, Uncertain

Dervaig D, NM442519, N/K, Unlikely

Druidsfield, NJ 57892 17716, Destroyed, Uncertain, From the circle, a road paved with neatly-fitted but irregular stones stretched for at least 600yds to the SE through a bog

Dumgoyach, NS 53280 80720, Survives, Unlikely, This row of stones is more likely to be the remnants of the façade of a chambered cairn.

Dunino Den, NO541109, Confusion, Not

Dwarfie Stane, HY 24331 00435, Uncertain. Three large edge set rocks next to and leading to the Dwarfie “could conceivably” be an alignment.

Eornal, NB 04174 32528, Survives, Uncertain

Eoropie, NB 51181 66125, Survives, Not, Historic

Eyre stone rows, NG 57510 34842, Survives, Not, Historic field boundary

Fair Isles – Eas Brecks, HZ 21732 72605, Survives, Unlikely

Fair Isle – Eas Brecks, HZ 21793 72345, Survives, Unlikely

Fair Isle – Eas Brecks, HZ 21817 72312, Survives, Unlikely

Fair Isle – Eas Brecks, HZ 22085 72343, Survives, Unlikely

Fair Isle – Homis Dale, HZ 21411 72431, Survives, Unlikely

Fair Isle – Homis Dale, HZ 21414 72390, Survives, Unlikely

Fair Isle – Homis Dale, HZ 21416 72291, Survives, Unlikely

Fair Isle – Homis Dale, HZ 21506 72294, Survives, Unlikely

Fair Isle – Homis Dale, HZ 21510 72320, Survives, Unlikely

Fionn Phort, NR 28000 57300, Survives, Unlikely

Foulis Point – Cromarty Firth, NH 60250 63900, Survives, Unlikely

Garenin, NB 18808 44217, Survives, Uncertain

Garleffin, NX08738172, Destroyed, Not, Probably a stone circle

Geodha Tolaig Mor, NB 23254 46669, Survives, Uncertain

Geodhachan Beaga, NB 34924 52306, Survives, Uncertain

Geshader, NB 11138 32452, Survives, Not, Historic

Giants’ Stones, Hamna Voe, HU 24310 80555, Not, This is a field boundary.

Great Bernera, NB 164 342, Survives, Not, This is a stone circle

Greenfield Park, NS935882, N/K, Unlikely

Gress, NB 49171 40872, N/K, Unlikely

Hallaig, NG591377, Survives, Unlikely, Stand either side of a track

Hare Shaw, NS 58350 647530 , Survives, Unlikely

Hillhead of Clatt, NJ 5295 2701, Destroyed, Uncertain, A very short length of a paved causeway leading in a north-easterly direction was found

Holehouse, NS 57521 53021, Survives, Unlikely

Holm, NB 44559 30607, Survives, Not, Post medieval

Holm, NB 44651 30771, Survives, Not, Post medieval

Inverarish, NG 5590 3668, Confusion, Not

Islivig, NA 98239 27801, Survives, Uncertain

Kaimes, NT 1307 6654, Confusion, Not, Probably natural outcrops

Kingside School, NT 64330 64210, Survives, Unlikely

Knockchrome, NR 53897 71332, Survives, Unlikely

Ladystone Farm, NH 62099 43262, Survives, Not, This is an historic field boundary

Lagavulin N, NR 3954 4621, Survives, Uncertain, Just two stones

Laimishader, NB 17186 42963,  Survives, Uncertain

Laimishader, NB 17555 43044, Survives, Uncertain

Laimishader, NB 18193 43581, Survives, Uncertain

Laimishader, NB 18242 43537, Survives, Uncertain

Langlee Farm, NS 51690 51860, Survives, Uncertain

Loch Bhrusda (Beàrnaraigh/Berneray), NF 91833 81982, Survives, Unlikely

Loch Bhuirgh, NF 90368 80662, Survives, Uncertain

Loch Buie, NM 61552 25255, Survives, Uncertain

Loch Risay, NB 17219 36777, Modern, Not.

Loch Ruadh Guinnerso, NB 03555 36265, Survives, Not, Probably part of a fish trap.

Loupin’ Stanes SE, NY 258 965, Confusion, Not.

Macharioch, NR 73643 09267, Survives, Uncertain.

Machrihanish, NR 64460 20672, Destroyed, Uncertain, Not enough evidence that the stones described formed part of a row.

Marquel, ND 32118 41345, Survives, Unlikely.

Meikleour, NO 1599 3849, Confusion, Not, Glacial erratics.

Middleton, NS 49560 54330, Survives, Not, Building.

Moine Dhonnachaidh, NB 37572 53248, Survives, Uncertain, Could be geological.

Moine Dhonnachaidh, NB 37573 53205, Survives, Uncertain, Could be geological.

Mol Mor Vatisker, NB 48991 39308, Survives, Uncertain.

Moyne Moor, NS 47250 52750, Survives, Not, Natural.

Nether Balfour, NJ 5392 1720, Destroyed, Uncertain, The remains of about 20 yards of road paved with flat stones, evidently leading to the circle, from the NE

Nisabost, NG 0408 9727, Survives, Uncertain, Could be a row or stone and cairn

Over Enoch, NS 57440 49200, Survives, Unlikely

Pass Of Leny, NN 58768 09265, Survives, Not, Stones along the side of a track

Port Sto, NB 52419 65910, Survives, Not, Modern

Port Sto, NB 52385 65896, Survives, Uncertain

Reef, NB 10965 35674, Survives, Not, Post-medieval

Reef, NB 11824 35364, Survives, Uncertain

Rockcliffe – Muckle Lands, NX 84481 54188, Survives, Not, Modern

Rubha Bhoisnis, NF 88711 80564, Survives, Uncertain

S28 Skallary, NL 69447 99134, Survives, Not, Historic wall

S36 Borve – Harris, NG 02551 94820, Survives, Uncertain

S56 Scarista – Harris, NG 02093 93876, Survives, Uncertain

Sheilavig Mor, NB 51331 43240, Survives, Uncertain

Sheshader, NB 56052 33399,  Survives, Uncertain

Shulishader, NB 52555 35098,  Survives, Uncertain

Shulishader, NB 54000 36432, Survives, Uncertain

Siorrabhig stone alignment, NB 36840 54275, Confusion, Not, A wall

Siorrabhig stone alignment, NB 37055 54313, Confusion, Unlikely, Destroyed or buried

Skeroblin Cruach, NR 70600 27300, Survives, Not, Stones revetting a terrace

Sligeanach Kildonan, NF 7273 2860, Survives, Uncertain, Buried beneath sand. This is also the site described by Burl as Sligeanach on Skye.

St Madoes Stones (Pitfour Castle), NO 19715 20983, Unlikely, Excavations revealed no sockets or packing stones and modern artefacts were found below one of the stones.

St Martins, NO 15950 31220, Uncertain, More likely to be a stone circle.

St Tredwell’s Chapel, HY 497 509, Destroyed, Unlikely

Stepends, NS 58060 50680, Survives, Not, Post medieval

Stornoway Airport, NB 46557 33344, Survives, Uncertain

Taymouth, NN 801 477, Confusion, Not, Not recorded by Canmore

Teinish, NB 11591 35132, Survives, Not, Post medieval

Threepland, NS 60400 49290, Survives, Not, Modern

Tiddaborra, NB 18432 33779, Survives, Uncertain

Tob nan Leobag, NB 21912 32255, Survives, Uncertain

Tob Nan Leobag, NB 21924 32614, Survives, Uncertain

Tong, NB 44184 36032, Survives, Uncertain

Tong, NB 44484 35931, Survives, Uncertain

Torhousekie, South, NX 38272 56455, Survives, Unlikely. Probably field clearance stones.

Torhousekie, West, NX 38090 56518, Destroyed, Unlikely. This may have been the remains of a stone circle.

Traigh Geiraha, NB 53384 49937, Survives, Not, Stepping stones

Traigh Geiraha, NB 53458 49713, Survives, Uncertain

Traigh Na Berie, NB 10297 35749, Survives, Not, Historic

Traigh Na Berie, NB 10079 35701, Survives, Not, Historic agriculture

Traigh Sanda, NB 50982 64191, Survives, Uncertain

Tullybannocher, NN 75492 22475, Survives, Unlikely, This is more likely to be a stone circle

Valasay, NB 14657 36725, Survives, Not, Early dyke

West Cowden, NN 77445 20645, Survives, Uncertain

West Revoch Farm, NS 56420 49970, Survives, Unlikely

West Revoch Farm, NS 5552 4995 , Survives, Unlikely

Westwards, NG 45362 47975, Destroyed, Uncertain

Yell – Lumbister,  HU 486 962, Survives, Unlikely, Look like field walls


Banc Rhosgoch Fach, SN 435 541, Survives, Unlikely, Could be a chambered cairn or more likely a stone setting. Exact arrangement of stones is not known.

Bedd Arthur, SN 1305 3252, Survives, Unlikely, Probably an oval stone setting

Benton Avenue, SM 99 07, Unknown, Uncertain

Carn Sian Linear feature, SN 12868 31525, Survives, Unlikely, Probably a field boundary

Carreg Bicca, SN 56372 28779, Destroyed, Uncertain, Possibly a chambered tomb

Carreg Stican, SN 9198 9384, Survives, Unlikely, Only one stone mentioned by Royal Commission. In forestry.

Carreg WenFawr y Rugos II, SO 13300 17400, Duplication, Not, Same as Carreg Wen Fawy y Rugos I.

Cefn Bryn, SS 4921 9053, Survives, Unlikely, Suggested to be degraded wall.

Cefn Car, SO 01867 13232, Survives, Not, A stone pair rather than a stone row.

Cefn Moel Stones, SO 1593 2421 , Survives, Unlikely, Probably a platform revement.

Cerrig Lladron, SN 0660 3220, Survives, Uncertain, Could be a natural outcrop or stone pair.

Cerrig Llwydion, SJ15355378, Destroyed, Uncertain, Described in 1699 as a walk of stones.

Clogwyn-yr-Eryr, SH 7250 6687, Survives, Not, Fence posts.

Craig Cwm-du, SN 9420 2103, Survives, Not, Natural or result of quarrying.

Craig y Penmaen, SH 7215 2990, Survives, Uncertain, Probably a wall.

Cremlyn, SH 56443 78104, Survives, Uncertain, Possibly boundary stones or rubbing stones.

Cribyn E, SO 0264 2143, Unknown, Uncertain.

Cwm Maen Gwynedd 1, SJ 08811 32142, Survives, Uncertain.

Cwm Maen Gwynedd 2, SJ 08853 32238, Survives, Uncertain.

Cwm Ystradllwyn, SH56497 45545, Survives, Uncertain.

Esgair Pen-y-Garreg, SN 9158 6787, Destroyed, Not.

Esgair Pen-y-Garreg Stones, SN 9233 6890, Survives, Not, Two small stones only. Stones in a bog. Perhaps to help cross it.

Fagwr Fran, SN 00361 31637, Survives, Unlikely, Nothing visible. Orginally a line of five boulders described as standing on the ground

Ffridd Braich-llwyd, SH 912 137, Unknown, Uncertain, Not found at this location

Ffrith-y-Bont, SH 7294 6819, Survives, Not, Associated with historic wall

Ffrwd Stone, SO 09050 59910, Survives, Unlikely, Discounted by OS in 1980.

Gallt y Foel, SH 8060 5590, Confusion, Not, Supposed stone row, wrongly identified, not man-made

Garn Prys, SH 888 489, Destroyed, Not, OS record as modern line of stones

Glan Hafon, SJ 077 263, Survives, Unlikely, Could be natural

Gors Goch, SN 9418 9364, Survives, Not, Historic track markers

Gwaun Nant Ddu, SO 084 153, Unknown, Unlikely

Gwytherin Churchyard,  SH 87674 61474, Survives, Unlikely

Hafod y Dre, SH 88533 53711, Survives, Probably periglacial patterned ground.

Hafod y Garreg, SH 87813 53452, Survives, Probably periglacial patterned ground.

Hwylfa’r Ceirw, SH 76538 84044, Survives, Probably an historic trackway.

Hook Stones, SM 79392 06198, Unknown, Unlikely, Probably result of clearance

Kerrig y Groes Onnen – Pentre’r Felin, SH 8083 6901, Destroyed, Uncertain, Mentioned by Edward Lhuyd in 1698: 3 to 4 upright stones

Ketch – The, SM 9523 2975, Destroyed, Uncertain

Lan Wen Stones, SN 9038 7096, Survives, Uncertain, Not found. NGR is probably very wrong

Llandona, SH 56741 79662, Survives, Unlikely, Only a single stone mentioned by Coflein and HER. Burl may have confused the site with the Cremlyn stone alignment

Llanerch, SO 1577 5871, Survives, Unlikely, Could be a field boundary but said to be associated with a mound

Llanfairynghomwy, SH 3366 9039, Destroyed, Unlikely, A triangle of stones rather than a line

Llangwm, SH 97617 45371, Destroyed, Uncertain, Not mentioned by Archwilio or Coflein but inventory describes it as “a line of six stones, with three other stones running at right angles”

Llanllugan, SJ 020 020, Destroyed, Not, Duplication of Llidiardau mawr

Llech Ciste, SN 5142 2832, Survives, Unlikely, Stones are not in a line. Interpretation as anything not certain

Llidiardau Mawr, SJ 025 025, Destroyed, Uncertain, Not known whether the stones were in a line

Llywel Stone Row, SN 8653 3006, Destroyed, Unlikely, Incorporated into field bank

Long House, SM 84709 33591, Survives, Unlikely, Probably erratics

Maes Coch Stones, SO 2403 3822, Survives, Unlikely, More likely to be a stone circle

Meini-Gwyn, SN 45981 26102, Survives, Uncertain. More likely to be a stone pair and solitary stone.

Moelfre, SH 72199 74636, Survives, Uncertain, Considerable confusion

Mwdwl-eithin, SH 9172 5403, Survives, Unlikely, Could be natural or wall. Context is beacon and shelter

Mynydd Rhiw Gregan, SS 8442 9614, Survives, Uncertain, Follows the contour and may be associated with scarp

Nant Ffridd Goch Stones, SH 96700 10640, Survives, Unlikely.

Nant Gwinau, SO 0236 1390, Survives, Not, Post-medieval boundary markers.

Parc y Botty, SN 14789 34031, Survives, Not, Probably a water works feature.

Pen-Feidr-Coedan, SN 0992 3688, Not known, Uncertain, Probably a natural rock outcrop.

Pen-y-Lan Fawr, SO 16249 17902, Survives, Not, Post medieval.

Pont Ddu, SN 31411 13933, Survives, Uncertain, It is unclear whether these 4 stones ever formed part of the same site.

Plas Gogerddan, SN 626 835, Survives, Uncertain.

Rhyd Hywel, SO 0253 8180, Destroyed, Uncertain.

Ridgebourne, SO 0589 6014, Destroyed, Uncertain.

St. David’s Head, SM 72929 28218, Survives, Unlikely, These stones form part of a prehistoric coaxial field system.

Saith Maen SE, SN 8610 1457, Survives, Uncertain.

Skomer Island, SM 71622 09113, Survives, Not, This is clearly a field boundary.

Tai-Newydd, SN 5450 0325, Destroyed, Not, Stone row recorded by OS in 1907. Almost certainly associated with mining.

Tan-y-Graig, SJ 0113 7199, Survives, Uncertain, On edge of track, near historic farmstead.

The Three Leaps, SH 52849 78406, Survives, Unlikely, Probably a memorial to an early medieval jumping competition.

Three stones, SM 875 163, Destroyed, Uncertain, Place name evidence only

Three stones, SM 899 190, Destroyed, Uncertain, Place name evidence only

Three stones, SO 50148 13731, Survives, Uncertain, Possibly boundary stones

Tir Bach, SN 126 285, Survives, Unlikely, Described as unfinished boundary wall

Tresinwen, SM 9037 4049, Survives, Uncertain

Trillech, SO 314 175, Destroyed, Uncertain, Place name evidence only.

Trum y Gwr Stones, SN 8306 7205, Survives, Unlikely, Probably natural or historic.

Ty-Mathiau, SN 3548 3452, Only one stone remains, Unlikely, Probably glacial erratics.

Ty Newydd, SN 775 460, Survives, Uncertain,  Pers. Comm. Stephen Coates.

Upper Lodge, SM 86166 14280, Survives, Not, Very badly damaged stone circle.

Waun Wen 1, SO 02860 14400, Survives, Not, Post-medieval boundary markers.

Waun Wen 2, SO 02830 14240, Survives, Not, Post-medieval boundary markers.

Wern, SO 029 630, Survives, Unlikely, Parallel with historic ditch.

White Moor, SS 42475 90502, Survives, Not, Line of stones forming one side of a D-shaped enclosure.

Yr Allor, SN 13953 26608, Survives, Unlikely, Excavated. Possibly a stone circle.


LAST UPDATED: 20th February 2023

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