Monthly Archives: November 2018

Argyll and Isles Updated

The page for Argyll and Isles has recently been updated. During the coming weeks it is hoped to update the other regions. Google Map showing the distribution of stone rows in Argyll and Isles.  


The results from the 2018 fieldwork season have now been incorporated into the Gazetteer and the Index updated. Access to the Index is always available from the top line of headings. The Index provides a summary of all the sites and can be used to access any Gazetteer Entry. This is the only place where […]

Featured Row – Gray Hill

A probable single stone row at Gray Hill in South Wales measures 78.7m long, includes 6 different sized stones and is situated on the upper south facing slope of a prominent hill. The row is orientated north west to south east and leads from one side of a kerbed cairn. A further cairn survives in […]

Featured Row – Mynydd Clywedog

A single stone row at Mynydd Clywedog measures 123.6m long and includes at least 10 small and medium-sized stones situated at the western foot of a pronounced ridge. The row is orientated north to south and protrudes from deep peat which means that the stones will be much bigger and others may be completely hidden. […]