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8. Did you know that….

The lowest stone rows in Great Britain are Yelland in Devon and Higher Town Bay, St Martin’s, Isles of Scilly which are both at sea level. The stone row at Yelland is now buried below estuarine mud (From Grinsell, L.V., 1970, 35). The Higher Town Bay stone row © Cheryl Straffon Previously Did you know […]

7. Did you know that ….

The highest stone row is at Cut Hill on Dartmoor. Cut Hill stone row on Dartmoor includes nine well-spaced large fallen orthostats. The Cut Hill stone row as well being one of the most recent discoveries is also the highest in Great Britain.  It stands 600m above sea level, nearly 100 metres higher than Conies […]

Terminal Cairns

Hart Tor, North terminal cairn An article looking at the stone row terminal cairns has recently been uploaded and is available here. In Great Britain as whole 82 stone rows have terminal cairns at their upper end, 23 at their lower end and three have cairns at both ends. Most rows do not have terminal […]


Dartmoor distribution map showing stone rows, cairns, roundhouses, stone circle and reaves. Despite the fragmentary character of the evidence, preliminary geospatial analysis has demonstrated the nature of the relationship between the stone rows and other broadly contemporary remains on Dartmoor. The identification of possible separate “territories” where similar forms of row are exclusively found, the […]