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Most multiple stone rows are found in Northern Scotland The best preserved multiple stone row at Hill O’ Many Stanes. 27 stone rows consisting of more than three lines of stones are known. 22 of these are in Caithness and Sutherland. The remaining five are in South West England, but they are different in form […]

Stone Row Clusters

A cluster of stone rows  at Watenan in Caithness An article looking at clusters and stone row complexes has recently been published. Seven clusters of stone rows are presented together a number of complexes comprising more than three rows in a single location.  The article can be seen here.

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The stone row in Great Britain with the tallest stones is the Devil’s Arrows at Boroughbridge in Yorkshire. The tallest stone at the Devil’s Arrows stone row stands 6.9m high, whilst the shortest is still an impressive 5.51m.

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More than half of the stone rows in Great Britain are in National Parks. North Ings stone row is one of 157 rows situated within a National Park.

Nearest Neighbour Analysis

  Graph showing the results of nearest neighbour analysis for the different regions and countries Nearest Neighbour Analysis has confirmed that the distribution pattern in the various regions, of the different types, stone size and numbers is different. The significance of this is that it provides further evidence to support the idea that the distinct […]

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Nearly half of all the stone rows in Great Britain are in South West England. East Pinford stone row on Exmoor is one of 145 stone rows recorded in South West England. Distribution of stone rows

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A third of the stone rows in Great Britain are in the county of Devon. Trowlesworthy 1 double stone row is one of 102 recorded rows in Devon.