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Featured Row – Hingston Hill

The snow coveredĀ Hingston HillĀ stone row on Dartmoor is among the most impressive in Great Britain. The row curves away from a substantial kerbed cairn.

Stone Row Interpretation and Identification

Positive identification of any sort of archaeology relies on evidence. The nature of that evidence can vary considerably and at some point professional judgement is needed to provide clarification. Inevitably the evidence is incomplete and often open to debate. Establishing which lines of stones are prehistoric is a conundrum, which it is not always possible […]

Scheduled Rows

Cosdon triple row on Dartmoor Many stone rows are Scheduled Ancient Monuments which means that they are protected by law and it is an offence to damage them. Some such as Gray Hill are only partly protected and a significant proportion are not scheduled. Some of these may be protected indirectly as a result of […]

Featured Row – Saith Maen NW

Saith Maen NW stone row in the Brecon Beacons is considered to be the most visually impressive of the rows in that region. It stands close to a large sink hole and has spectacular views. Whilst generally accepted as a stone row a couple of odd features cast some uncertainty on its identification.