Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Distribution of Single Stone Rows

Distribution of single stone rows During the past week a new page looking at the distribution of single stone rows has been added to the web site. Single stone rows are those that include a line of single stones. More than half of the Great British rows are of this type. Analysis has revealed considerable […]

A look at – Northern Scotland

Following recent fieldwork in Northern Scotland the gazetteer entries for most of the 30 stone alignments in the region have been updated to incorporate the results. The stone alignments in this area are mainly very different in character to those found elsewhere in Great Britain and in particular most are of the multiple row type. […]

Featured Row – Bryn Seward

The cairn at Bryn Seward blocks sea views from a short length of the adjacent stone alignment. Many of the British stone rows are situated to provide a very restricted view of the sea. At large numbers of these sites the sea is hidden from view along part of the row. This seems to be […]

For those who like numbers

Numbers can provide a helpful insight and allow easy comparisons between different criteria. Newspapers are full of them – often used to create dramatic headlines. ¬†When it comes to looking at the stone rows, numbers can help us understand the resource and be used to express similarities and differences. As the stone row project continues, […]