Monthly Archives: June 2018

Featured Row – Butterdon, East

Eastern stone. View from west (Scale 1m). Butterdon, East on Dartmoor is a single stone row measuring 55m long, including three substantial stones situated on a gentle east facing slope with an extensive viewshed.   The two largest stones are recumbent and only a stump and fragment remain of the third. When standing the end stones would […]

Featured Row – Burford Down

Burford Down is a single stone row on Dartmoor measuring 508m long, including at least 99 mainly small and medium-sized together with a few large stones situated on a north facing slope with two separate sea view reveals. The row is orientated north to south and there is a kerbed cairn at the upper southern […]

Featured Row – Harolds Stones

Harolds Stones near the village of Trellech in South Wales is a probable single stone row measuring 13.7m long, including three large upright orthostats situated within a valley with a restricted viewshed. The row is orientated north east to south west and stands within a medieval township and later field system. The central stone has a […]

Featured Row – Kenidjack Common

The stone row at Kenidjack Common includes four orthostats each with a hole pierced through their long side. No other rows are formed entirely by holed stones, which serves to emphasise the varied character of this monument type. This row stands close to broadly contemporary barrows and stone circles and is situated as is so […]