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Stone Row Orientations

Merrivale 2 double stone row on Dartmoor The linear form of stone rows means that inevitably they have an orientation. This is usually expressed relative to points of the compass. The sinuous character of many rows means that along their length, several different orientations may exist.  Does the orientation of stone rows have anything to […]

Featured Row – East Cult

The single row at East Cult in Central Scotland stands at the summit of a prominent hill. The views from the row are spectacular and far reaching. The row itself includes three large stones one of which is recumbent and covered in cup-marks.    

Stone row associations

The Cairn O’ Get chambered cairn in Caithness stands in the vicinity of several stone rows. Many stone rows are found close to broadly contemporary sites. The most frequent associations are with cairns or barrows, other stone rows, settlements, stone circles, field systems and chambered cairns.  At least 76% of the rows are associated with […]

Dartmoor Sea Views

Distribution of Dartmoor stone rows with known orientation and length. The blue stars indicate the position of rows with views of the sea and the red stars those with no sea view. The areas with sea views are shown by solid yellow (Base: Google Maps and Marine Management Organisation). The sea is visible (on clear […]