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Updates: Argyll and Isles

The page looking at the stone rows in Argyll and Isles has recently been updated. There are now plans and photographs of all surviving 29 rows together with a preliminary discussion looking at different aspects of the rows in the region. The stone row at Ballymeanoch. Plan of the Ballymeanoch stone row.

Featured Row – Laughter Tor 2

Hidden in dense heather and gorse a few metres west from the Longstone at the top of Laughter Tor 1 is a second stone row. It was last seen properly in the 1960’s, but still seems to survive. A careful search has revealed a number of stones apparently forming a double row. The blue flags […]

Featured Row – Laughter Tor 1

There are two stone rows at Laughter Tor. Laughter Tor 1 is a 164m long double row including at least 26 stones.  Originally there would have been many more, but most have sadly been removed to build a field wall that crosses the site. The stone at the upper end of the row is substantial. […]

Featured Row – Trehudreth Downs

The long stone row on Trehudreth Downs on Bodmin Moor has seen significant damage in the past.  Only the upper and lower ends now survive. The row extends over 460m and is composed of stones of very different sizes. In common with the stone row at Leskernick the cairns on the top of Brown Gelly […]