Project Principals

This project and website has largely been created by the following people:

  • Dr Sandy Gerrard – who formerly worked for more than 20 years for English Heritage. Sandy has produced the majority of the content and photographs on the site, unless otherwise stated. His books are available via Amazon.
  • Alan Simkins – a Founder Member and contributing editor to the Heritage Journal, Alan provides technical and editorial assistance.

Special thanks are due to Helen Woodley who has generously contributed many of her thoughts and observations regarding sea triangles and their association with prehistoric monuments.

Grateful thanks are also due to the following who have provided valuable direction, help and advice:

  • Nigel Swift, Chairman of Heritage Action for his considerable support and help over the past years
  • Sophie Smith, Bill Radcliffe, Janet Daynes, Gordon Fisher, Neil Mortimer, Dave Parks and Anne Tate for their photographs, ideas, information and constructive criticism
  • George Currie for his valuable and critical input
  • ACE Archaeology Club for their help with fieldwork and taking considerable interest in the project
  • Christopher Bickerton, Paul Blades, Mark Camp, Simon Charlesworth and Angie Lake for permission to use some of their photographs
  • Andy Burnham for permitting the use of his own and Tom Bullock’s images
  • David Attwell, Shirley Blaylock, Dewi Bowen, Stephen Coates, Peter Crispin, Steven Edgar, Jack Fuller, Roy Goulté, Chris Jenkins, Jason Metcalfe, Miles Newman, John Palmer, Cheryl Straffon and Bill Wilkinson for their valued feedback
  • Helen Gerrard for her tireless inspiration.

Errors and omissions are inevitable and we would like to thank the following all of whom have helped improve this website: Paul Allen, Gerald Bennett, Shirley Blaylock, Marcus Byrne, Stuart Dow, Pete Francis, Jack Fuller, Reinhard Gunst, Miles Newman and Sue Vincent.

FIRST PUBLISHED:- 10th January 2016
LAST UPDATED 14th October 2019
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