Monthly Archives: January 2019

Featured Row – Bryntwppa

At Bryntwppa in Mid Wales there is a possible single stone row measuring 4.8m long, including one medium and two large stones situated on level ground. The stones are orientated east to west and stand at the northern end of a long mound. Whilst they may represent a structural element of the long mound the possibility that […]

Featured Row – Achnancarranan

A single stone row on the Isle of Islay measuring 7.5m long, including three large orthostats situated on a south facing terrace with restricted views of the nearby sea. The northern stone measures up to 2.6m high, whilst the southern one is 2.87m tall. The central stone is now recumbent and probably fell eastward. The […]

Featured Row – Five Kings

Looking east along the Five Kings stone row. Five Kings is a single stone row measuring 19m long, including four large upright orthostats situated on a narrow terrace on a south east facing slope. The stones stand up to between 1.3m and 2.15m high. A fifth slab situated to the north is now recumbent but […]

Your Top 10 stone rows

The Upper Erme stone row on Dartmoor is both the longest and most popular. This web site has been active for nearly three years and during this time some pages have proved more popular than others. We thought you might be interested to know which individual row pages have been visited most.  Dartmoor rows are […]