Western Isles

Arguably the finest of all the British stone alignments is to be found in this region. The group of impressive alignments leading from the majestic stone circle at Callanish is different to anything else and helps to illustrate the considerable variety in form.  No other alignments make such a dramatic architectural statement and the clear differences between this site and the others in this gazetteer emphasises the considerable variations. The stone alignments in this region generally consist of small numbers of large stones, with the obvious exception of Callanish, North itself.

Map showing the location of the Western Isles

Map showing the location of the Western Isles


Map showing the distribution of Western Isles stone rows (Google My Maps). Click on map to open an interactive version permitting direct access to the individual Gazetteer entries.

Western Isles stone alignments at a glimpse

No. of alignments 17
Number of single alignments 14
Number of double alignments 2
Number of triple alignments 0
Number of multiple alignments 1
Maximum length 275m
Minimum length 5m
Average length 47m
Longest alignment Airigh Na Gaoithe
Shortest alignment Clach An Tursa and Cnoc na Grèine
Total number of recorded stones 78
Average number of stones in each alignment 5
Alignments including small stones 1
Alignments including medium stones 4
Alignments including large stones 15
Average orientation 84°
Average altitude 42m
Highest alignment Eyre stone rows (113m)
Lowest alignment Eyre Alignment (3m)
Cairn at the top of alignment 3
Cairn at the bottom of alignment 1
Scheduled alignments 8

A summary of information for the individual stone alignments can be viewed by clicking on the site names below. Further information and commentary will be added in the future.  Whilst it is believed that the existing information is accurate, mistakes inevitably occur and should you spot any your help in improving this resource would be much appreciated. Your help will of course be fully acknowledged. Please use the contact button to get in touch.

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