A third of the stone rows in Great Britain are in the county of Devon. Trowlesworthy 1 double stone row is one of 102 recorded rows in Devon.

The Upper Erme stone row on Dartmoor includes more stones than the combined total at all 46 Welsh stone rows The Upper Erme stone row includes at least 922 stones, whilst the combined total of stones at all the Welsh rows is only 652.

In these difficult times visits to all sorts of archaeological sites are limited. A slideshow bringing together photographs from all the visible stone rows in Great Britain has recently been created.  It offers a rapid 25 minute journey around all the rows and highlights their considerable variety.  Each slide provides an opportunity to find out […]

Higher resolution photographs of the Argyll and Isles stone rows are now available here.  There is one photograph of each site and together they illustrate the considerable variety in the form, character and appearance of stone rows.  This new page provides a rapid visual overview of the rows in this region.

A pair of standing stones forming part of the row. View from north east. A single stone row measuring 76.2m long, including six widely spaced large-sized boulders leading south east from a kerbed cairn with surrounding berm. Originally this row would have had restricted views of the nearby sea. Similar rows to this one can […]

The northernmost stone row in Great Britain is a probable single one measuring 16.2m long, including two large-sized orthostats and one medium-sized stone situated on the western side of a rock outcrop. The row is orientated north to south. Three separate sea views are visible from the row and two distinctive promontories are visually linked […]

Ballymeanoch in Kilmartin Glen in Argyll The most frequent question regarding stone rows is what were they used for? Ideas are plentiful but definitive answers are lacking. An article looking at why the rows may have been built is now available here. The article concludes that: The idea of the rows representing tribal or group […]