Lakehead Hill, East on Dartmoor Short single rows of this type are extremely rare and indeed the only two surviving examples can be found together on Lakehead Hill on Dartmoor.  The third example at Troed y rhiw in Pembrokeshire no longer survives and for this reason is of less than certain identity.  The practise of […]

Torhousekie, East in Dumfries and Galloway There is a marked and probably significant concentration of short single rows composed of less than 10 different sized stones in Wales. Indeed more than half of all the rows of this type are to be found in Wales and there are only two in the whole of England. This […]

Callanish, West on the Isle of Lewis With 37 known examples, this is the most common type of stone row. The distribution of short single rows composed of less than 10 large-sized stones is very much focused on Argyll and Isles, Central Scotland and the Western Isles. Isolated examples of rows of this type also seemingly […]

Groat’s Loch, South is a single stone row in Caithness measuring 22m long, including at least 4 small and medium-sized stones situated in a small confined valley on the lower slopes of Warehouse Hill. The row is orientated NNE to SSW. Single rows are unusual in Northern Scotland.  The row forms part of a cluster […]

Looking eastward along the row The web page for this impressive stone row has been updated following a visit in May 2019. As well as fresh photographs there is now a detailed commentary on the visual links between this stone row and the surrounding landscape.  The row leads eastward from a kerbed cairn. 

Rinns of Shurdimires on Shetland There are now more than 5000 images on this web site.  Most are photographs but there are hundreds of survey plans. All of the extant rows identified from the existing documentation have now been visited and the pages updated. Possible sites continue to be brought to my attention and these […]

Hingston Hill stone row on Dartmoor. A different sort of battle. It is now more than seven years since I embarked on the journey to visit, record and interpret the known stone rows in Great Britain. The catalyst for this adventure was the discovery of the stone row at Bancbryn in South Wales and the […]