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Merrivale 2 in the foreground and Merrivale 1 beyond. Click on the image to open a higher resolution version in Flickr. At least one Flickr link is now available on most Gazetteer pages. If a photograph lightens as you pass your cursor over it click on it to open a higher resolution version within Flickr. […]

Featured Row – Dyke

Dyke stone row sits beside a busy road just outside the Scottish town of Moffat. It includes three large stones and is 8.7m long. Given its location this is a remarkable survival, if it is indeed prehistoric. It looks prehistoric, but apart from this there is no other evidence to support a prehistoric interpretation. This […]

Featured Row – The Nine Stones

The three largest stones at the northern end of the row. View from south east (Scale 1m). The Nine Stones stone row in North Yorkshire includes at least 12 stones and measures 57m long. Doubts concerning the identification of the row are inevitable given a considerable gap between the stones at either end. Plan of […]

Featured Row – Drumtroddan

The stone row at Drumtroddan now includes a single standing stone and two large fallen slabs.  Until recently two stones stood here.    

From Shetland to Scilly – Prehistoric Stone Rows in Great Britain

Maol Mor on the Isle of Mull An index has been added to the website. This new page is the only one where the prehistoric stone rows can be seen together in one place. Photographs and plans where available are presented and from this page access to the individual Gazetteer pages is possible. The stone […]