Loch Buie stone row

Looking south eastward along the row.

At Loch Buie on Mull there is an interesting grouping of prehistoric sites including a fine stone circle, a kerbed cairn and four standing stones. Three of the standing stones are situated in the same field as the stone circle and are aligned broadly along a common axis. The stones do not form a straight line and whilst the 10° deviation may be too great for some, it is worth remembering that there are several well known accepted examples with deviations far greater than this. A pair of stones set close to the outer edge of the kerbed cairn may represent the remains of another alignment although further evidence will be required before this site can be fully accepted. A really interesting place well worth visiting. When I visited the ground was solid, but I understand the conditions can sometimes be somewhat soggy and wellingtons might often be the sensible footwear of choice.



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