Garynahine, Cnoc Fillibhir Mhor

Looking south along the row (Scale 1m).

A probable single stone row measuring 17.3m long, including five stones protruding through the peat situated on a gentle south west facing slope. The peat means the original size of the stones is not known, although one of the stones appears to be recumbent. The row is orientated north to south and has definable visual links with the sea and nearby stone rows and stone circles.


Scotland Isle of Lewis Western Isles NB 22680 32070
Lat 58.1900629   Long -6.720669776

Map showing the location of Garynahine, Cnoc Fillibhir Mhor stone row.

Plan of Garynahine, Cnoc Fillibhir Mhor stone row (Source: 1:100 survey by Sandy Gerrard).


Type: Single Length: 17.3m
No. of stones: 5 Size of stones: Small and medium
Orientation: 11° Altitude: 10m
Upper end: – Lower end: –
Straight (Yes or No)  : No Sea View: Yes
Context:  Stone circles

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status:
Scheduled Ancient Monument: No


Category: Probable. The four edge set stones are certainly sound evidence for a structure at this location, but the depth of peat may be masking further details.  The possibility of this representing a largely buried field boundary or wall cannot be entirely dismissed although on the positive side the views towards Callanish 3 stone circle, the Callanish stone rows and several closed sea triangles all support the identification of this structure as a stone row.  The fifth stone may be natural bedrock or a substantial orthostat similar in size to those at other sites in the Callanish area.


This stone row is of Type S1. Information on this form of stone row and other rows of this type is available here.

Individual Stones

Plan of Garynahine, Cnoc Fillibhir Mhor stone row showing the numbered stones.

Stone 1 is 0.26m high.  Stone 2 is 0.5m high.  Stone 3 is 0.45m high.  Stone 4 is 0.10m high. Stone 5 is 0.23m high.


The three northern stones. Stone 1 in foreground. View from the north (Scale 1m).

The three northern stones. View from the south. The ranging rod (1m) is standing beside Stone 1. Stone 3 is in the foreground. 

 Stone 4. The recumbent stone. View from south.

The two northern stones. Stone 1 on left and Stone 2 on the right. View from west (Scale 1m).

Stone 5. View from south (Scale 1m).

Callanish 3 Stone Circle

As you walk north along the row Callanish 3 seems to move towards the nearby rock outcrop at NB 22639 32248.

Callanish 3 stone circle is visble on the skyline. View from Stone 5.

View from Stone 4. The stone circle “creeps” towards the outcrop.

View from Stone 3.

View from Stone 1 at top of the row. The stone circle is at the limit of visibility.

Callanish Stone Rows

Callanish stone rows are visible from the stone row.  The central stone circle is at the spot where the far hill and near hillside appear to meet.

Sea Triangles

Closed sea triangles visible from Stone 1 (Top of row).

Closed sea triangles visible from Stone 5 (Bottom of row).

Access Information

Car parking is available at NB 22492 32928. From here follow the path to Callanish 3 stone circle which is well worth visiting before heading south towards the high ground.  Cross the boggy ground towards the gate that provides access to the field in which the row is situated. Visitors need to be aware that special care should be taken to protect against ticks.  At the time of the visit large numbers of ticks were encountered at the stone row.

Online Resources 

Megalithic Portal     Canmore


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FIRST PUBLISHED:- 13th February 2016

LAST UPDATED:- 9th March 2019

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