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Newly discovered stone row in South Wales

In 2013 whilst out walking in the area Alan Richards found a row of stones at Graig Fawr. Recently he approached us to see what we thought about them. A site visit on the 12th August 2021 confirmed the presence of at least 96 small and medium sized stones leading away from a ring cairn […]

Featured Row – Bryntwppa

At Bryntwppa in Mid Wales there is a possible single stone row measuring 4.8m long, including one medium and two large stones situated on level ground. The stones are orientated east to west and stand at the northern end of a long mound. Whilst they may represent a structural element of the long mound the possibility that […]

Featured Row – Court 1 in Mid Wales

A probable single stone row measuring 13.8m long, including 4 large-sized stones situated on a terrace on an east facing slope. One stone is upright and maybe a natural boulder which was partially exposed in antiquity. The row is orientated NNE to SSW. Another probable row exists in the vicinity. For more about this row […]

Featured Row – Gray Hill

A probable single stone row at Gray Hill in South Wales measures 78.7m long, includes 6 different sized stones and is situated on the upper south facing slope of a prominent hill. The row is orientated north west to south east and leads from one side of a kerbed cairn. A further cairn survives in […]

Featured Row – Mynydd Clywedog

A single stone row at Mynydd Clywedog measures 123.6m long and includes at least 10 small and medium-sized stones situated at the western foot of a pronounced ridge. The row is orientated north to south and protrudes from deep peat which means that the stones will be much bigger and others may be completely hidden. […]

Featured Row – Nant y Wern (Pant Serthfa) in the Brecon Beacons

View from north east (Scale 1m). Nant y Wern also known as Pant Serthfa is a single stone row measuring at least 5.95m and possibly 54m long, including at least four or six small and medium-sized stones situated on a gentle south facing slope. The row is orientated north to south and is built across […]

Featured Row – Rhos y Beddau

Stones forming part of the row. View from north (Scale 1m). Rhos y Beddau in North Wales is a double stone row measuring 50m long, including at least 36 mainly small-sized stones together with some medium-sized stones situated on a natural terrace with restricted views that include a glimpse of distant Wenlock Edge. The row is […]

Featured Row – Harolds Stones

Harolds Stones near the village of Trellech in South Wales is a probable single stone row measuring 13.7m long, including three large upright orthostats situated within a valley with a restricted viewshed. The row is orientated north east to south west and stands within a medieval township and later field system. The central stone has a […]

Bancbryn Excavation Report and Guide

The excavation report looking at the work carried out in July 2017 and a guide to the archaeology on Mynydd y Betws is now available on the Dyfed Archaeological Trust website. The excavation report can be found here and the guide here.

Bancbryn Excavation – Draft Report

The excavation trenches. View from north east (Scales 1m and 250mm). A draft report on the excavations at the Bancbryn stone row carried out in July 2017 is now available and can be viewed here. The report will eventually form part of an account of the work carried out on the nearby cairns by Dyfed […]