Featured Row – Mynydd Clywedog

A single stone row at Mynydd Clywedog measures 123.6m long and includes at least 10 small and medium-sized stones situated at the western foot of a pronounced ridge. The row is orientated north to south and protrudes from deep peat which means that the stones will be much bigger and others may be completely hidden. The row has a sea view reveal, a possible astronomical link and stands in the vicinity of cairns.

Simplified plan of Mynydd Clywedog stone row.


  1. You have to tell us about the “possible astronomical link”!

    And how did you assess the depth of the peat?


  2. Thank you very much for your interest. The possible astonomical link is mentioned on the site page which can be accessed by clicking on the link. The stones stand in a flat area between two slopes. It is clear that this flat area has been formed by the accumulation of peat. The photographs on the main site page show this. I am afraid I do not know how deep it is but the Coflein article suggests that it is probably about 1m thick – a figure I would not disagree with. I hope this helps, but if you have another other questions please do get in touch.


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