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Stone Row Pocket Guide

A pocket guide to the stone rows has been produced intended for use on your phone.  If you download the file onto your phone you will then have details of where all the plausible, probable and possible rows are, a short description and a lat long reading for your car Sat Nav. If you have […]

5000 Images

Rinns of Shurdimires on Shetland There are now more than 5000 images on this web site.  Most are photographs but there are hundreds of survey plans. All of the extant rows identified from the existing documentation have now been visited and the pages updated. Possible sites continue to be brought to my attention and these […]

Seven Years

Hingston Hill stone row on Dartmoor. A different sort of battle. It is now more than seven years since I embarked on the journey to visit, record and interpret the known stone rows in Great Britain. The catalyst for this adventure was the discovery of the stone row at Bancbryn in South Wales and the […]

Your Top 10 stone rows

The Upper Erme stone row on Dartmoor is both the longest and most popular. This web site has been active for nearly three years and during this time some pages have proved more popular than others. We thought you might be interested to know which individual row pages have been visited most.  Dartmoor rows are […]


The results from the 2018 fieldwork season have now been incorporated into the Gazetteer and the Index updated. Access to the Index is always available from the top line of headings. The Index provides a summary of all the sites and can be used to access any Gazetteer Entry. This is the only place where […]

Google Maps

Google maps showing the distribution of stone rows have been a feature of this website from the start. The main one showing the position and distribution of stone rows is available at the bottom of the About Page. Until now each stone row has been represented by a single symbol (currently a small red dot). […]


Merrivale 2 in the foreground and Merrivale 1 beyond. Click on the image to open a higher resolution version in Flickr. At least one Flickr link is now available on most Gazetteer pages. If a photograph lightens as you pass your cursor over it click on it to open a higher resolution version within Flickr. […]

From Shetland to Scilly – Prehistoric Stone Rows in Great Britain

Maol Mor on the Isle of Mull An index has been added to the website. This new page is the only one where the prehistoric stone rows can be seen together in one place. Photographs and plans where available are presented and from this page access to the individual Gazetteer pages is possible. The stone […]

Site updates for June

June was a very busy month for site updates – a total of nearly 60 sites received updates in the form of new plans and photos being added. The vast majority of these sites are located in Scotland (including a new ‘disputed’ row at Loch Buie) or on Dartmoor in Devon, having been surveyed by Sandy Gerrard himself […]

Latest Stone Row Updates

Following last month’s Gargantuan effort of adding Google Maps images to all the gazetteer entries, we’re now concentrating on improving the individual site entry’s contents. This starts with adding additional site plans and images, and the following pages have recently been updated: Ballymeanoch Cerrig Duon Dunruchan Stones Gray Hill Hart Tor, North Hart Tor, South […]