Your Top 10 stone rows

The Upper Erme stone row on Dartmoor is both the longest and most popular.

This web site has been active for nearly three years and during this time some pages have proved more popular than others. We thought you might be interested to know which individual row pages have been visited most.  Dartmoor rows are the most popular with eight rows in the top 10. The remaining two rows are on Bodmin Moor and the Brecon Beacons. Perhaps surprisingly none of the Scottish rows appear in the top 10

No. 1 Upper Erme on Dartmoor

No. 2 Assycombe stone row deep within a forestry plantation on Dartmoor.

No.3 Ringmoor Down stone row on Dartmoor

No.4 The impresive single row on Hingston Hill.

No. 5 Stalldown stone row on Dartmoor. Partially reconstructed but still impressive.

No. 6 Hurston Ridge stone row on Dartmoor. An impressive double row slighted by a Bronze Age enclosure.

No. 7 Y Pigwn (Trecastle Mountain) stone row. The most popular and only Welsh row to appear in the top 10.

No. 8 Trowlesworthy 1 stone on Dartmoor. A fine double row leading up to a kerbed cairn.

No. 9 Corringdon Ball, South stone is the only multiple stone row in the Top 10 list.

No. 10 Leskernick stone row on Bodmin Moor has recently been revealed by the TimeSeekers.

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