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Bancbryn Excavation starts today

An archaeological excavation looking at the Bancbryn stone row starts today. The excavation will examine the stone row and three nearby cairns. The work will last until Friday 21st July and there will be Open Days on the 15th and 16th July.

Bancbryn News

The Bancbryn stone row. From the 10th to the 21st July 2017 the Bancbryn stone alignment is to be partly excavated together with three nearby cairns. It is hoped that this work will considerably enhance our understanding of this important monument. The work is being carried out by Dyfed Archaeological Trust and Dr Sandy Gerrard. […]

Two very odd “stone rows” in Wales

On the southern slope of Cefnen Wen in North Wales are two scheduled multiple stone rows. There are no other similar rows in the whole of Wales and indeed the nearest comparative examples are a row at Corringdon Ball, South on Dartmoor and several even further away in Caithness and Sutherland in the far north of […]

Scheduled Rows

Cosdon triple row on Dartmoor Many stone rows are Scheduled Ancient Monuments which means that they are protected by law and it is an offence to damage them. Some such as Gray Hill are only partly protected and a significant proportion are not scheduled. Some of these may be protected indirectly as a result of […]