Looking at: Plan Form

A web page looking at the plan form of stone rows is currently under construction. It will take a while to complete, but the first phase looking at stone rows under 10m long is ready. Further fieldwork will be required, but this illustration provides an overview of the plan form of the shortest rows.

Simplified plan illustrating the form of stone rows measuring less than 10m long. The rows are arranged according to their latitude with Scottish ones at the top and SW English ones at the bottom. Scottish rows are presented against a light blue background, Welsh rows against a light green background and English rows (pink). Click on image to enlarge.



  1. SumDoood · · Reply

    I think this will be very worthwhile. What, so far, are you expecting to come from it? Is there something in the northern(?) sky which moves as much as the rows vary?


    1. I am currently doing some fieldwork on some of the Argyll rows. Don’t have access to my computer at the moment. The idea is create the plan form illustrations in the first instance and then search for patterns. I also hope that it will be worthwhile,but at least we will have a visual representation of the various differences.

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  2. SumDoood · · Reply

    …which greatly concentrates the mind.


    1. Absolutely. I am sure there will be more surprises along the way.

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