Dubious, Uncertain and Unlikely stone rows

Map showing the distribution of dubious, uncertain and unlikely stone rows. Clicking on the map will open an interactive version which provides access to further information on the individual sites.  Not rows (red), Uncertain rows (green) and unlikley rows (blue).

For every stone row that has been accepted as plausible, probable or possible there are others that are currently not. There are various reasons for doubting their credentials but over time further work may cast doubt on some of these preliminary identifications.  This is inevitable. Information on sites that have so far not been included in the main gazetteer can be found here.



  1. SumDoood · · Reply

    How did you, or someone else, determine the categories?


    1. The categories were created during the initial trawl through the literature. I think they work as a quick and fairly straightforward way of sorting what is a complicated group of sites. Clearly judgement has been used and the only thing I can be confident about is that alterations will be inevitable. Indeed today as a result of a field visit I think Crinan Moss more properly belongs in the uncertain category. The idea is that placing each row in an interpretative category encourages one to assess their validity more carefully. Furthermore it adds a structure to a process that can sometimes be chaotic.

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