Looking at: Progress

Stone row at Ballochroy, Argyll.

It is about a year since the Stone Rows of Great Britain went live and just over five years since the discovery of the row at Bancbryn that precipitated its creation. The events that followed the discovery of the Bancbryn row highlighted fundamental misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding the form and character of prehistoric stone rows. The web site is seeking to address these issues and aims to eventually provide a consistent account, description, interpretation and assessment of the whole resource together with discussions relating to their landscape context.  Examination of existing records has revealed widespread inconsistencies and inaccuracies as well as good quality accurate information. There has however never been a thorough assessment of all the sites and apart from the work of Burl no overview. The work involved in creating the web site is seeking to rectify this. To do this a full review of the existing literature and visits to every available site will be required. Whilst there are only about 300 surviving stone rows in Great Britain they are widely scattered and many are in remote locations. It is going to take a while to get around them all. To date, 160 rows have been visited and 144 remain to be looked at. With more than half of the stone rows examined, an appreciation of their overall character is possible and some preliminary research articles looking at different aspects have been created. These will necessarily need to be updated as work proceeds, but the existing articles do hopefully highlight what will be possible. During the coming years the gazetteer will be updated following field visits and the other articles will be updated and created as appropriate.

Map showing visit progress. Red stars (visited), green stars (to visit) and blue stars (destroyed or inaccessible). An interactive version may be viewed by clicking on the map.

Distribution map showing stone rows that have been visited.

Distribution map showing stone rows that have still to be visited.


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