Glengorm, Isle of Mull Nearly 60% of the stone rows are within sight of the sea.  Often the view feels contrived. Take a few steps in one direction or lower your head by a foot and it disappears. Rarely, the sea dominates the vista but even on those occasions an estuary or other feature may […]

Cadair Idris is visible only from the the southern end of Lluest Uchaf  The observation that many rows are built to provide a “peekaboo”, now you see it now you don’t relationship with their landscape may be of particular significance.  This also happens with sea views and other contemporary archaeological sites and does imply that […]

  Freebrough Hill from Old Castle Hill stone row  This category of visual link relates to landmarks at the limit of visibility. Some are more obvious than others and therefore some may have been missed and others may have been included eroneously. At least 117 rows with definable restricted views of this type have been […]

Tolborough Tor on Bodmin Moor At least 10 stone rows are built across the limit of visibility to the landmark or feature that they are aligned on. This is a rare characteristic of stone rows but is unlikely to be a coincidence and forms one part of the often complex visual relationships between stone rows and […]

Lakehead Hill Summit stone row on Dartmoor points at Longaford Tor. At least 22 rows are aligned upon a landmark. Often it is a distinctive hill such as at Afon Hyddgen which is aligned upon Disgwlfa Fawr or at Lakehead Hill summit which is aligned on Longaford Tor and Haytor Rocks. Sometimes they are aligned on […]

Cnoc na Grèine in the Western Isles The stone rows do not sit in splendid isolation.  They would have all been built where they are for a reason. Humans rarely build randomally within the landscape. Buildings and other structures are deliberately located and positioned. There is no reason to suppose that stone rows were any different.  […]

The Nine Maidens is a single stone row probably measuring 729m long, including at least 10 large-sized orthostats situated on a south west facing slope with a sea view reveal at the upper end (NNE). The row is orientated NNE to SSW and most of the stones survive in a cluster at the southern end. […]