West Pinford

Looking north along the row.

A single stone row measuring 64.7m long including seven small and medium sized stones situated on a gentle north facing slope. The row is orientated north to south and stands in the vicinity of another stone row, settings and cairns. 


England Somerset Exmoor SS 79164 42117
Lat 51.1655161   Long -3.72964942

Map showing location of West Pinford stone row

Plan of West Pinford stone row (Source: GPS survey by Sandy Gerrard).

Map showing the position of West Pinford, other stone rows and other sites (Source: Exmoor National Park HER). 


Type: Single Length: 64.7m
No. of stones: 7 Size of stones: Small and medium
Orientation: 7° Altitude: 374m
Upper end: – Lower end: –
Straight (Yes or No)  : No Sea View: No
Context:  Stone row, settings and cairn


Category: Plausible. No doubts have been expressed regrading the prehistoric interpretation of this row.


This stone row is of Type S7. Information on this form of stone row and other rows of this type is available here.

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status: National Park
Scheduled Ancient Monument: No

Individual Stones

Plan showing the position of the numbered stones.

Stone 1 measures 0.14m long by 0.10m wide stands 0.07m high and is orientated at 135°. View from south (Scale 1m).

Stone 2 measures 0.17m long by 0.06m wide stands 0.30m high and is orientated at 151°. View from south west (Scale 1m).

Stone 3 measures 0.42m long by 0.30m wide stands 0.20m above the ground surface and is orientated at 10°. View from west (Scale 1m).

Stone 4 measures at least 0.75m long by 0.20m wide stands 0.06m high, is orientated at 7° and is partly buried. View from south west (Scale 1m).

Stone 5 measures 0.84m long by 0.42m wide stands 0.17m high and is orientated at 117°. Packing is visible on the southern side. View from west (Scale 1m).

Stone 6 measures 0.36m long by 0.24m wide stands 0.10m high and is orientated at 160°. Packing is visible on the eastern side. View from south (Scale 1m).

Stone 7 measures at least 0.47m long by 0.25m wide is hidden by vegetation and is orientated at 60°. View from south west (Scale 1m).

A popular spot for deer.

Access Information

This is not an easy stone row to get to. A long walk combined with uneven ground make it difficult and care should be taken to plan carefully. It may be best to combine it with a visit to East Pinford stone row. Car parking is available at SS 83523 42234. From here follow the footpath west past the Madacombe stone row and then head towards the footbridge at SS 80325 42848. After crossing the river follow the footpath to the row.  


I would like to thank Jack Fuller (Exmoor National Park Authority) for bringing this site to my attention.

Online Resources 

Megalithic Portal     Historic Environment Record


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FIRST PUBLISHED:- 17th November 2018

LAST UPDATED:- 21st November 2020

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