England Somerset Exmoor SS 83026 42614
Lat 51.17071843   Long -3.67459101


Simplified plan of Madacombe stone row (After Fowler, J.F. & Needham, H.J., 1991, 85).


The Madacombe stone and its immediate prehistoric context.


Type: Single Length: 286m
No. of stones: 12 Size of stones: Small and medium
Orientation: 102° Altitude: 424m
Upper end: Cairn? Lower end: Cairn?
Straight (Yes or No)  : No Sea View: Yes
Context:  Cairns
Notes: Pair of closed sea triangles

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status: National Park
Scheduled Ancient Monument: No

Online Resources 

Megalithic Portal     PastScape     Fowler and Needham

Other References

Burl, A., 1993, From Carnac to Callanish – The prehistoric rows and avenues of Britain, Ireland and Brittany, Yale University Press, New York and London, pg. 216.

Fowler, J.F. & Needham, H.J., 1991, ‘A “New” Stone Row on Madacombe, Exmoor’, Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society, 135, 85-88.

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