Megalithic Rows

Ballymeanoch stone row in Argyll and Isles.

Megalithic rows are found in most parts of Great Britain although there are none in Northern Scotland (Caithness and Sutherland) and Exmoor. Relatively few are found on Dartmoor where only 3.45% of the rows are megalithic. By contrast in Central Scotland over 91% of the rows are of megalithic form whilst in Argyll and Isles the figure is nearly 85% and in the Western Isles over 70% of the rows are megalithic. The only other regions where more than half of the recorded rows are megalithic are Rest of England (55.5%) and Rest of Scotland (54%). In the remaining regions megalithic rows are outnumbered by examples containing small and medium sized stones.

This article looks at the distribution of megalithic rows and examines whether differences in type, length, the number of stones and associations have much to tell us. The full article is available here.


Distribution of megalithic stone rows (Base map: Google Maps).

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