Featured Row – Bryn Seward

The cairn at Bryn Seward blocks sea views from a short length of the adjacent stone alignment.

Many of the British stone rows are situated to provide a very restricted view of the sea. At large numbers of these sites the sea is hidden from view along part of the row. This seems to be deliberate and further evidence to support this contention exists at Bryn Seward where the sea view is blocked by a nearby cairn. This is the first identified evidence for sea view blocking being created by an artificial feature and whilst, as always, deliberation cannot be proven, the effect is so perfect that it is difficult to dismiss. The cumulative evidence that the British stone rows were carefully positioned to provide a range of special and particular visual links to the surrounding landscape illustrates that this aspect must have been central to their purpose. In the same way that Roman forts and medieval castles were sited with control of the landscape in mind, the row builders seem to have been concerned with visually linking and referencing their special places.


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