Featured Row – North Ings

The North Ings stone row on the North Yorkshire Moors would be at home on Dartmoor. It measures 490.6m long, is sinuous in form and has a sea view reveal at its northern end.


  1. You’ve mentioned that a lot of rows provide a sea triangle view? When you say a “sea view reveal” you mean just a glimpse-able bit of sea only visible from the end?


  2. Basically it is a view of the sea that is revealed as you walk along the row. In this instance the view appeared at the top of the row. Every time this happens I still get a wonderful feeling that the row builders have taken me to this spot. On this particular occasion it came as a surprise as pre-visit research had suggested there was no sea view. Sea views are of course only one of the visual “treats” that rows have to offer.

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  3. Sea triangles, are they expected to be symmetrical, or can they be quite irregular triangles, yet still seemingly valid to the row?


    1. They can be irregular. Many are visible only from part of the row. The difference between a sea triangle and a sea view is that the latter is elongated. The validity is that there is a sea triangle or sea view and how it varies in shape and size and you walk along the row. The point at which the sea appears is more likely to be significant in those rows with a reveal. I have quantified the situation on Dartmoor with a page on Dartmoor sea views. This work strongly suggests that the distribution of rows is significantly influenced by views of the sea. The situation is of course more complex than this and other landscape reveals form part of the overall design. I am currently working on a page that will explore these aspects in more detail.


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