Dartmoor Sea Views

Dartmoor Sea Viewstest-with-gov-underlay5

Distribution of Dartmoor stone rows with known orientation and length. The blue stars indicate the position of rows with views of the sea and the red stars those with no sea view. The areas with sea views are shown by solid yellow (Base: Google Maps and Marine Management Organisation).

The sea is visible (on clear days) from over 77% of the Dartmoor stone rows.  This may come as no surprise since the moor is situated on a relatively narrow peninsula and views of the sea are therefore likely to be fairly common. However perhaps of more significance is the fact that 30% of all the rows are situated in locations where only part of the row has views of the sea. It is also worth mentioning that a significant number of rows are positioned on the very edge of sea view visibility. The point at which the sea view appears/disappears is precise. One moment the sea is visible, but with a step in one direction it disappears and a step in another it grows. An article looking at the visual relationships between the Dartmoor rows and the sea is available here and demonstrates a significant correlation between views  of the sea and the rows.



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