Views along the row to a landmark

Lakehead Hill Summit stone row on Dartmoor points at Longaford Tor.

At least 22 rows are aligned upon a landmark. Often it is a distinctive hill such as at Afon Hyddgen which is aligned upon Disgwlfa Fawr or at Lakehead Hill summit which is aligned on Longaford Tor and Haytor Rocks. Sometimes they are aligned on a cairn or cist such as at Ballochroy and Glenamachrie. At Bancbryn and Shaugh Moor the rows are aligned on a promontory. Relatively few stone rows are aligned on prominent features and given their linear nature this may seem surprising. Generally the rows do not appear to point at specific places, although there are examples where this is exactly what they seem to do. This emphasises the varied character of the rows.

Map showing the location of stone rows with a view towards a landmark


Afon Hyddgen is aligned on Disgwlfa Fawr.

Askham Fell is aligned on White Raise Cairn

Ballochroy is aligned on a cist.

Bancbryn is aligned on Hartland Point promontory in North Devon.

Borgie Bridge is aligned on Cnoc Graggie.

Butterdon,  East is aligned on Brent Hill.

Careg Lwyd 2 is aligned on Fan Hir.

Carreg Llwyd is aligned on Bryn y Fan.

Conies Down is aligned on North Hessary Tor.

Dervaig centre is aligned on Ben More.

Dunamuck N is aligned on Dunamuck S stone pair.

East Moor stone row is aligned on Brown Gelly cairn.

Escart is aligned on a promontory.

Finlaggan is aligned on the Papps of Jura.

Higher White Tor is aligned on the nearby tor.

Lakehead Hill E is aligned on Longaford Tor.

Lakehead Hill E is also aligned on Haytor Rocks.

Lakehead Hill Summit is aligned on Longaford Tor.

Langstone Moor stone row is aligned on Hare Tor.

Merrivale 5 is aligned on Hollow Tor.

Searle’s Down is aligned on Brown Willy.

Shaugh Moor is aligned on Staddon Heights promontory.

Tolborough Tor is aligned on Rough Tor.

Uluvalt is aligned on distinctive notch of the horizon.

Yar Tor is aligned on Sharp Tor.

 Stone Rows in their landscape

FIRST PUBLISHED:- 23rd December 2018
LAST UPDATED:- 23rd December 2018
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