Sea Views at Watenan, East


The Watenan, East stone alignment has a notable visual link to the sea.

Sea Views

The Watenan, East stone alignment has two separate views of the sea. The first is the view that is visible along the entire length of the rows and can be seen above the alignment as you walk downhill. This view diminishes only slightly with southward movement.   The second is more remarkable and involves a sea triangle which is visible only from the cairn at the top of the row and disappears on its southern edge. This relationship is so precise as to indicate deliberation and provides further evidence for the close visual link between stone alignments and the sea.


The sea view to the south of the alignment is a permanent feature.


From the cairn at the top of the alignment a glimpse of the sea is visible to the north east.


From the southern edge of the cairn the sea is no longer visible.

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