Sea Views at Creag Bhreac Mhor (Upper Dounreay I)

The location of the stone alignment on the east facing side of a pronounced flat-topped knoll means that views of the sea are restricted despite its close proximity. 

Sea Views

Widespread views of the sea are available in the area surrounding the Creag Bhreac Mhor stone alignment. However the alignment’s location means that the views of the sea are largely concealed until the top of the row is reached. Indeed in four short steps one goes from seeing no sea whatsoever to a 103 degree sea view. This is an excellent example of the local topography being cleverly utilised to conceal the sea from view before dramatically revealing it.


View of the sea from the lower end of the row.


As you walk uphill along the row the sea view rapidly diminishes.


Disappearing as you reach the point where the slope becomes steeper.


For much of the upper length of the alignment the sea is concealed by rising ground.


At the top of the rows the sea suddenly appears.


Another step and an impressive sea vista is revealed.


A panoramic view of the sea vista. 


The sea view includes Hoy (Orkney Islands)


The cliffs of Hoy apparently sitting on a slither of water. This kind of visual treat is a recurring feature at stone rows.

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