Sea Views at Clash-an-Dam


The Clash-an-dam stone alignment is positioned to provide evolving views of the sea.

Sea Views

Despite its relatively short length, the character of the sea views available from the Clash-an-dam stone alignment vary considerably. The siting and orientation of the rows combined with the prevailing topography maximises these visual differences and it therefore seems unlikely that this is a coincidence. A series of photographs illustrating the variable character of the sea views are presented below.


The sea view from the bottom of the alignment is very restricted and includes a distinct sea triangle. 


As you walk up the row the sea triangle grows in size.


At the point where the alignment is crossed by a fence much more of the sea is visible.


As the top of the alignment is reached a wide expanse of sea is suddenly revealed. 

This pattern of evolving sea views is one that is repeated at many stone rows in Great Britain. They imply a special visual relationship with the sea and suggest that it may have played a role in the ritual. Whilst the evidence is inevitably circumstantial, its repetitive character provides a powerful case that the siting, form and orientation of many stone rows were influenced by the need for particular views towards the sea. Where sea was not available lochs, lakes and possibly even rivers were incorporated. Water seems to have been a crucial factor in the choice of site. Given this we can be confident that water played a part in the rituals.

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