Rhos Hafotty Carneddau Stone Setting

Rhos Hafotty WPP1070690

View from south west of the stone setting (Scale 1m). 


Wales Gwynedd Rest of Wales SH 66595 13624
Lat 52.703791     Long -3.9758916


Rhos Hafotty Setting plan1

Plan of the Rhos Hafotty Carneddau stone setting. Stone 5 forms part of the adjacent stone alignmentSource: 1:100 survey by Sandy Gerrard and Sophie Smith.


Type: Setting Length: 12.7m
No. of stones: 8 Size of stones:  Only small
Orientation: 18° Altitude: 227m
Upper end: – Lower end: Stone alignment
Straight (Yes or No)  : No Sea View: No
Context:  Cairns, stone alignment and  standing stone

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status: National Park and National Trust
Scheduled Ancient Monument:  No

Individual Stone Heights

Rhos Hafotty Setting plan1 annotated

Plan showing the letters allocated to each stone.

Stone heights

A = 0.27m     B = 0.27m     C = 0.14m     D = 0.02m     E = 0.13m     F= 0.08m     G= 0.28m     H = 0.06m


Rhos Hafotty WPP1070683

Stones A, B and C. Ranging rod is adjacent to Stone C. View from the north (Scale 1m).

Rhos Hafotty WPP1070685

Stones A, B and C. Ranging rod is adjacent to Stone C. View from north east (Scale 1m).

Rhos Hafotty WPP1070687

Stones A, B, C and E. Ranging rod is adjacent to Stone C. View from south (Scale 1m).

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