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Scotland Isle of Barra Western Isles NL 68913 99019
Lat 56.963459   Long -7.449722


Plan of Brevig stones.  Upright stone shown dark grey, the recumbent yellow and smaller stones light grey. (Source: survey by Sandy Gerrard at 1:100)


Type: Pair Length: 6m
No. of stones: 2 Size of stones: Only large
Orientation: 130° Altitude: 81m
Upper end: – Lower end: –
Straight (Yes or No)  : N/A Sea View: Yes
Context:  –

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status:
Scheduled Ancient Monument: Yes


Category: Not. The third stone described in Megalithic Portal is a rock outcrop.


The remaining upright stone stands close to a small building. View from west.

View from the north west (Scale 1m). The recumbent stone is visible behind. The sea views from this site are spectacular.

View from south east (Scale 1m). Broken recumbent stone in the foreground.

The rock outcrop which has been mistaken for a third stone. View from south east.

A third stone a short distance to the north west of the upright slab is unlikely to have formed part of the monument.  It is very different in character to the other two stones and the hillside is littered with stones like this. View from north west (Scale 1m).

The upright stone. View from the south (Scale 1m).

Access Information

There is no safe car parking available nearby. Parking is available at NL 67876 98704 but this involves a long walk along the road to NL 68966 98814. From here it is a short walk up the hill.

Online Resources 

Megalithic Portal     Modern Antiquarian     Canmore

Other References

Burl, A., 1993, From Carnac to Callanish – The prehistoric rows and avenues of Britain, Ireland and Brittany, Yale University Press, New York and London, pg. 222.

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