Groat’s Loch, North (Broughwhin III)

Dense heather means this alignment is invisible. View from north (Scale 1m).

A probable double stone row measuring 34m long, including at least 15 small-sized stones situated on a wide south facing terrace overlooking the sea. The row is orientated NNW to SSE and because of dense vegetation has not been seen for some time. Double rows are unusual in Northern Scotland.  The row forms part of a cluster including at least 9 stone rows near Loch Watenan and has definable visual links with the sea, nearby cairns, chambered cairns and stone rows.


Scotland Caithness Northern Scotland ND 31100 40800
Lat 58.35035005   Long -3.178856642

Map showing the location of Groat’s Loch, North (Broughwhin III).

Map showing the position of Broughwhin 3, the other stone rows and other sites around Watenan (Source: Canmore). 


Type: Double Length: 34m
No. of stones: 15 Size of stones: Only small
Orientation: 157.5° Altitude: 117m
Upper end: – Lower end: –
Straight (Yes or No)  : Sea View: Yes
Context:  Chambered cairn and stone alignments
Notes: Deep peat accumulation. Myatt accepts this row as genuine.

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status:
Scheduled Ancient Monument: No. Formerly scheduled, but descheduled in 2000 because it could not be found. Presumably the original Ancient Monument Inspectors must have seen it and been convinced that it was of national importance.


Category: Probable. This row is not currently visible because of deep peat and dense vegetation. Myatt is confident that there is a row at this location.


This stone row is of Type D10. Information on this form of stone row and other rows of this type is available here.

Access Information

Car parking is available at ND 31885 40851. Follow the signposting to the Cairn O’Get. The stone row is situated about 320m to the south of the Cairn O’Get across uneven open moorland.

Online Resources 

Megalithic Portal     Canmore     Historic Environment Record     Caithness Field Club Bulletin


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FIRST PUBLISHED:- 13th February 2016

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