Broughwhin Loch

The stones are invisible beneath a dense heather carpet. View from west (Scale 1m).

The stones are invisible beneath a dense heather carpet. View from west (Scale 1m).

A possible fan-shaped multiple stone row measuring 30m long, including six small and medium-sized stones leading from a cairn. Three of the stones appear to protrude from the cairn and the other three are in dense heather about 30m from the cairn. The row maybe orientated NNE to SSW.


Scotland Caithness Northern Scotland ND 31307 41222
Lat 58.35417195   Long-3.175446725

Map showing the location of Broughwhin Loch stone row.

Plan of the Broughwhin Loch stone alignment. Stones forming part of the alignment are shown red. They appear to protrude from the side of the cairn.  (Source: Mercer, R.J.). Original available here


Type: Multiple Length: 30m
No. of stones: 6 Size of stones: Small and medium
Orientation: 32° Altitude: 110m
Upper end: Cairn Lower end: –
Straight (Yes or No)  : Sea View: Yes
Context:  Chambered cairn, cairns, cist and stone alignments
Notes: Probably the remains of a multiple alignment

Other Information

Public Access:  Yes
Land Status:
Scheduled Ancient Monument: No


Category: Possible. Although generally accepted as a stone row the planned stones are embedded in cairn material and therefore may represent the remains of an internal cairn structure rather than a row. Three other stones have been noted and are said to be immediately above the wet ground.  This would give the row a length of about 30m. Given the uncertainty this site should be considered as a possible row at best until further evidence is available.

Access Information

Car parking is available at ND 31885 40851. Follow the signposting to the Cairn O’Get. The stone row is situated about 100m to the north of the Cairn O’Get across uneven open moorland.

Online Resources 

Megalithic Portal     Canmore     Historic Environment Record     Caithness Field Club Bulletin

Other References

Burl, A., 1993, From Carnac to Callanish – The prehistoric rows and avenues of Britain, Ireland and Brittany, Yale University Press, New York and London, pg. 222.


VISITED:- 9th August 2014

FIRST PUBLISHED:- 13th February 2016

LAST UPDATED:- 3rd April 2018

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